On Thursday, Februar 5th 2015

at the  "Mémorial de la Shoah"

took place a meeting on the theme:

Let's build today the memory of  the engagement

Since several years, the theme of vonlunteer engagement aroses  a raising interest and penetrate différent medias, artistic or historic. During that event were  presented diverse projects achieved or being finalised showing this  necessary effort of l'history and memory. In présence of Arnold Bac (UEVACJEA), Stéphane Leroy, PhD in History at the Université de Lorraine - Nancy 2, Agnes Chablat - Beylot, historical department of Défence, Hortense Vinet et Lionel Pralus photographers of the collective création team " Les faux amis ". Animeted by Olivier Lalieu, historian, responsable of managing the sites of heritage and external projects of the 'Mémorial de la Shoah'. At that occasion,the department of Défence opened the acces thru internet to a data base containing data of voluntary foreign veterans of year 1939, on the  site  "Mémoire des Hommes" (liste mémoire humaine):


in partnership with: 

  • La Direction de la Mémoire du Patrimoine et des Archives du Ministère de la défense. 
  • and  "le Mémorial de la Shoah". 

  The lecture was done  par Sandrine Auffray, responsable the Human Memory site of the AMPR.