Hirsch Trocki

Hirsch Trocki was born August 15, 1904 at Dunilowicz near Vilna (Vilnius, Poland)). His father, a lawyer, insisted for a very complete  his education. Also, having followed the course of his small tow’sn high school, he became a student at the Polytechnic of Vilna. It was at this time that he became active in the Polish labor movement. But the reign of Pilsudski, the crackdown on progressive activists forced Hisrch Trocki to emigrate. He settled with his wife in Paris, where he found a job in the building sector. When in 1936 Franco attacked the Spanish Republic, Trocki Hirsch volunteered to defend freedom. However, as he spoked fluently Spanish, he did not join in the International Brigades but rather the Spanish republican army. After the defeat, like so many others he was detained in the Gurs camp where he knew suffering and privation He managed to escape, but to fell ill with a facial paralysis. Barely healed, when war broke out in September 1939, Hirsch engaged in one of the three regiments of foreign volunteers. During the Occupation, he continued fighting without uniforms and joined the partisans in the “maquis” of La Besse near St. Féréol in Corrèze. This resistance groupe is the one who caused the most troubles to the rear of Hitler's army, and the SS, were charged of the mission of their "liquidation". On November 15th, 1943, 400 SS, attacked the 42 partisans in La Besse. After a fierce struggle of ten against one, that lasted for several hours, 18 patriots were killed and others captured. But for the Nazis, there were no prisoners, and the next day all survivors were massacred. Hirsch Trocki, was killed at his post fighting for his ideals of freedom, peace and progress and for the independence of France, his second homeland. On 9 October 1945, he was cited posthumously army in dispatches in the following terms: "On  November 15th, 19432, in La Besse (Corrèze) he fought valiantly against 400 SS, who attacked his camp. Killed in the battle, he was horribly disfigured without any respect by an opponent. "

Excerpts taken from "Affairs, Martyrs and Heroes of the Resistance" by David Diamond Edition Renewal