Joseph Doremus (Warszavski)

Joseph Doremus was born in 1905 near Warsaw, in a working class family. Militant union activity, persecuted by the police, he had to leave his country in 1931 and came to Paris where he continued his union activity and soon, as “Warszavski” he became one of the most popular trade-unionists. When war broke out, he joined the French Army and was sent to the front. He was taken prisoner in June 1940. Released because of his health, he returned to Paris soon, and participated in illegal union activities. He organized in particular help to the victims of Nazism, after the initial arrests in May 1941. In February 1943 he was arrested in turn and his wife Pola, a resistance militant, as well . Both were deported and Pola was murdered upon arrival. We know that during the uprise of September 1944 that Joseph Doremus fell heroically together with Jacques Handelsman.

Extract from «Martyrs & Heroes of the Resistance. David Diamond Edition Renewal.»