Dr. Aron Bacikourinsky

Dr. Aron Bacikourinsky (whose combat name was François) was born in 1908 in Bessarabia, victim of political and racial, persecution he left his country and continued his studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris.

When he became doctor, he enjoyed great popularity in the community of Bessarabians and Romanians. In 1939 he volunteered in the French army and then, after the armistice of 1940 joined the resistance. For three years, he fought tirelessly, he positions of responsibility and was involved in the most dangerous missions, as well as for the preparation of explosives. Arrested in July 1943, the Gestapo went at fiercely  on him without getting any information, not even his home address, and it’s with broken ribs that he was deported to Auschwitz where he died like so many others, after being a model of untamable courage and endurance, he was thirty-five years old.

Extract from "Combattants Héros & Martyrs de la Résistance"