Born November 12, 1915 at Cliscaudi (Bessarabia) Clisci Joseph lost his mother at birth and was raised by a grandmother who gave him a very religious education.

His father, who was an accountant, sent him to school in Hotin where he showed strong provisions for mathematics, but he had to teach while studying in order to earn a living and pay his studies. He studied bright in Bucharest, where he spent his bachelor's degree and entered the Ecole Polytechnique. Its action against the  reign of terror of the  Sigourantza (secret police) and the Iron Guard (anti-Semitic and fascist)  designated him to  the authorities. Arrested and released on bail, he fled ... He went then to Paris where he continued his studies at the Faculty of Letter ...

 When war broke out, he will, like most young migrants, volunteer  in the French army. Assigned to 21 ° R.M.V.E. in a company of machine gunner, but suffering  from a lung disease, he was discharged  on the eve of the German invasion.

Recently married, he joined his wife in Paris and soon  became active with the  underground Partisans. He was one of the first to volunteer with the first detachment of the Romanian  FTP when it was founded, and despite his health, he participated in all kinds of actions. At that time, the  F.T.P. partisans  had no weapons yet and were using explosive bottles, with which Joseph and his friends caused fires and explosions, particularly in military parks and garages. Appointed head of the partisan group in early 1942 Joseph demonstrated great military qualities;  bold and dedicated he will soon be the leader of whole FTP Romanian unity. The attack of the Soldatenheim in Paris,  Avenue Simon Bolivar in January 1943 was one of the most brilliant operation he had done ... On July 2nd, 1943 Joseph was to deliver his final and last battle. It was an attack against two German soldier columns in Clichy. The attack was carried out, but Joseph get seriously injured, struggled to get away from the dangerous place. The enemy berserk, gave the alert and tried to seize the partisans ... Joseph crawls painfully into the cellar of a house, 2, rue de l’Abreuvoir,  but soldiers and officers followed on his footsteps and tried to pull a first burst of machine gun inside the cellar. Joseph is waiting patiently for them to approach and, in turn, he shot, killing several Nazis. A group of soldiers came to the rescue. All were shooting randomly and whenever they believed they had done with his cursed "terrorists" and near the vent, they were welcomed  by the bullets of Joseph who kill a few. The battle lasted six hours ... Finally pierced with bullets, having lost much blood, having exhausted all his ammunition, exhausted himself, Joseph uses his last bullet to and his young and glorious life...

Extract from : Combattants & Martyrs de la Résistance
by David Diamant, Éditions Renouveau