Testimony on the honour of Martin Henri, ” Sous-Officier de carrière, Adjudant-Chef, Maitre Armurier au 6è Régiment de Dragons”

declare on honour the following:
The 6th Regiment of Dragoon gave up after the armistice. The unit was sent to a camp Savenay (close to Nantes), and 30.000 POWs were parked in the race ground..
From the very beginning of captivity, there were searches in order to identify French Jewish soldiers.
I certify having witnessed Jewish soldiers being whipped and gathered to be sent to a different camp. At the end of August the race field camp of Savenay was evacuated. The prisoners were embarked by railway to Germany.
I was assigned with my unit to the Stalag XI (Altengrabon).

Document C.D.J.C. CCCLXI-110

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