Izy REY  Administrative  Secretary               
Izy Rey-Rechenstein died on April 6th 1970 at age 53. Izy  fought during WW2 and spent five years as POW in Stalag III B, in terrible conditions in the “Judenbaracke”. Repatriated in 1945, he started immediately his collaborative activity at the Union’s bureau. He devoted all his energy to our Union who became his second family. For 25 years he has been permanently in contact  with hundred of our  members to which he provided advices linked to veterans’ problems. He gained the sympathy of all the members  of our organization. He was a noble man with a pure honesty; till his last breath he served our Union with an exemplary devotion. Our family loses with Izy Rey’s death one of the UEVACJ’s pillars. Many members and friends  of the organization went with  him to his last stay.   Dr Danowski, our Honor President, with  moving words, pronounced in everybody’s name, the farewell words to our unforgettable Izy.  
Text from Henri Bulawko published in  « Notre Volonté » n° 125 April 1970