Jakob GROMB  (Gromb-Kenig)

Vice-president (Chief-redactor  Naïe Presse)

Volunteer engaged for the time of war he was assigned to the 22nd IRFV… After a short period of military training he mounted with his unit on the front line and after tough fights in which he lost many comrades, Gromb-Kenig was taken prisoner on June 6th 1940 by the Somme. 

In Stalag I B, where he spent 5 years behind the barbwires, he is one of the resistantamong the prisoners. Back in France in 1945, he joins the Union and is elected at its head-quarter where he contributes to the cohesion and prosperity of our Association. Co-redactor of “Notre Volonté”, he was in the Jury of the Maurice Vanikoff literary prize.

During the 25 years he acted among the Union, he knew how to gain the sympathy from all, even from those who did not share his political convictions. With Gromb-Kenig, we lost a great friend, a tireless defender of our Union and of the Veterans and war victims cause. 
Necrology published in “Notre Volonté”
N°135 April 1972