Henri Falinover  

Henri Falinover suddenly passed away at age 49. This painful news has distressed and thrown his unnumbered comrades and friends in an immense sorrow. Falinover’s face was familiar to all the veterans and volunteers from the 23rd IRFV, and partisans with whom he had fought against the nazi occupant. Anyone who approached him could not avoid loving or appreciating him. He was an integer, honest, frank and loyal man. He loved life. Positionned since its foundation at the direction of our Union, he always remained faithful to it. He demonstrated his attachment to the cause of the veterans and war victims by adjusting his behavior with his words, despite his hard work, despite his multiple other occupations.  With Falinover’s loss, our Union loses a great friend, a sincere and devoted friend, and that’s why his name will remain engraved in the heart of all our comrades.

Published in « Notre Volonté » N° 4 (60)  July-August 1956