Doctor DANOWSKI President

The doctor Samuel Danowski born on April 24th 1904 in Brest-Litowsk then in Poland, came to France in 1924, where he became M.D. At war declaration in 1939, considering that his place is aside his aggressed adoptive country, he volunteered in the French Army for the duration of the war as auxiliary MD. Second lieutenant, he mount to the front with the 3rd battalion  of the 23rd IRFV.

Demobilized he joins the Resistance and serve as MD of the Haute-Corrèze “maquis”  till the Liberation proving this way his recognition to France, symbol of freedom and human rights. As early as 1941 he is worried about the fate of his comrades and founded in Montpellier an association of volunteer veterans. Doctor Danowski was a dynamic and devoted man. After the war he dedicate himself with fervor to the cause of Jewish volunteer veterans, despite his many activities and professional responsibilities.  His comrades  elect him as President of the 23rd IRFV veterans association. He becomes also President of the Union, mandate that he will fulfill for long years. Dr Danowski knew how to get the respect of his comrades. With a simple and charming contact, he gave his advices to all who came and requested him. He devoted himself to the health and social activities, and to the press and culture as well.  Dr Danowski carried out many appreciated medical articles and lectures. A man who’s courage was proved by his engagements and his very life, Dr Danowski deserves the respect from all the veterans.

Article published in « Notre Volonté » N°171
November- December 1980