Leopold Trepper left

Leijb Domb, known as Leopold Trepperjust passed away in Jerusalem. The whole press highlighted the major role that he played during WW2 at the head of the well known “Red Orchestra”, which the Nazis themselves recognized that it was responsible of the lost of 200.000 of them.

 Very young he decided to dedicate his life to the cause of the poorer in Poland, in Palestine and then in France and Belgium. The USSR asked him to create an intelligence network that has provided for years precise information to the Red Army. He did not get paid in return for when he went to the Soviet Union he was jailed for ten years during the Stalin era. Rehabilitated he comes back to Poland where he was very active in the Jewish community. The multiple waves of anti-Semitism led him to request to emigrate.

He finally could do so thanks to many interventions in his favour, in particular in France. His life is the first the eventful and often tragic but true story of a man who never hesitated any moment to put his life at risk to contribute to the annihilation of the Nazi regime. As one can remember, the UEVACJ had honoured Gilles Perrault’s « Orchestre Rouge » with it’s Maurice Vanikoff literary and history Prize. When the book « Le Grand Jeu » (Albin Michel) was published in Yiddish the Union invited Leopold Trepper to Paris for a very successful conference.

Leopold Trepper is gone, but his courage, his resolution and his abnegation in his implacable fight against Nazism will for ever remain an example for all.

Article published in Notre Volonté N° 176, February-Marsh 1982