Boris Holban

Boris Holban, whose actual name was Baruch Bruhman, was born in Ukraine in 1908. While in the underground Romanian Communist movement, he was arrested in his country several times and sent in a disciplinary regiment. In Czechoslovakia and then in France he learned in 1937 that he was dismissed from his citizenship.

In 1939 at the beginning of WW2 he volunteers to the French Army for the lasting of war. He is then incorporated in an Infantry Regiment of Foreign Volunteers (IRFV). Taken prisoner he succeed to escape and went underground. He become then military chief of the F.T.P.-M.O.I. from 1942 to 1944, except from August to November 1943 when he is replaced by Missak Manouchian.

At the Liberation he take the head of a battalion of Foreign Volunteers. Demobilized, Boris Holban returns to Romania in 1946 where he will make a carrier in the army and then in the industry. He emigrates finally to Paris in 1984.

Extract from Denis Peschanski’s « Les étrangers dans la résistance » Editions de l’Atelier