Joseph Boczov (his real name was Ferenz Wolf) was born in 1906 in Bara-Sprié ; he was Jewish native from Transylvania. In high-school he joined the revolutionary movement.

After his secondary school he went to Prague where he studied at the Polytechnic Institute (he continued to be active as member of the Communist youth, with other students). In 1936 he decided to go to Spain in order to fight as an anti-fascist soldier. He smuggled all the borders. Arrested in Austria he was sentenced to jail for illegal crossing of the border. But no obstacle could stop him, and he finally arrived to Spain. During all the war he acquired a fighting experience in the rank of the army. Prisoner in a camp in Argeles after the defeat of the republican army, he escapes in April 1941 at the head of group of Romanian volunteers.

In Paris he joins th O.S. (Organisation Speciale) in which already fight a number of immigrants. With the arrival of many escapees, the Party organizes a new group M.O.I. (Immigrated Workforce) within the O.S. headed by Conrado Miret-Must; the latter is arrested at the end of 1941.In May-June 1942 Boczov is assigned to replace him and under the pseudo of “Pierre” he enters the F.T.P.-M.O.I. as chief of the forth unit (derailers unit). Boczov was an excellent equipment technician; thanks to him and to the commander Patrick, the partisans used that famous white fuse that burns very constantly without a flame. He also transformed the anti-tank mines into anti-train mines and improved the electrical trigger to automate the explosions on the railroads rather than using manual triggers that obliges the partisans to remain at a short distance from the railroad. Also did he invent the scissor dynamite charge again for the railroad. In the night between the 3rd and the 4th of August 1943 a group blew up a military train on the Paris – Reims line causing many victims. In the night of August 17th another group derailed a train of soldier on leave on the Longueville line; the locomotive and several wagons overturned causing a disaster. During another operation of that kind, in the night of August 26th the explosion destructed the locomotive and 14 wagons loaded with military equipment. All those operations were conducted by the former Jewish soldier in Spain, Boczov…

The result was hundred german soldiers killed and heavy material destructions… In its September communiqué, the MOI headquarter, recorded new progression the actions of the uniform-less fighters. During that month the partisans annihilated over 75 wagons of military trains with the locomotives, that carried either troops or military equipment, not mentioning the increasing number of “ordinary” attacks against German military units in the streets of Paris. Who were these men bursting with courage and fighting will? Their leader, Boczov, 37 old taught each of them the art of manipulating the different weapons, i.e. the throwing of hand grenades exploding after 6 seconds… He went each time with a new gathered group in charage of a sabotage on a railway, and studied on the site the best way to accomplish the mission…

Arrested in November 1943, sentenced to death during the “trial of the 23” on February 17th and 18th 1944, he was gunned at the Mont Valérien on February 21st 1944.

Extract from the Blog of « l'Affiche Rouge » the Red Poster ( By Shéra )

Extract from A. Lissner’s " Un franc-tireur juif raconte " Édition Paris-1969