Appeal to the young people

November 1988

Dear Friends! The Union that your parents and grand-parents have created after the ww2 to perpetuate the memory of our families’ members, prisoners, deported, gunned, or tortured in the nazi death camps, shall it disappear in a short while? In a few years, the last among us will be too old to continue our action. To manage the wonderful social action, our convalescence center in Levens which will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary. Who after us will remember our fight for freedom against racism and anti-Semitism? We have a memorial monument in the Bagneux cemetery where each year we commemorate all those who died without sepulture. What will this symbol become if the generations of today and to morrow do not catch the relieving., to continue our work? We are ready to welcome you right away in an Association of the Union’s friends, to allow you to replace your elders, in order to maintain our traditions and our memories, which are also yours. It’s up you to take the torch that has lightened our way since the Liberation… Your fathers and grand-fathers, volunteer recruits from the first hour, to fight against nazism have fought under the French flag’s colors. To whom we are faithful and proud from what we have done. We need you in order that this page written with our blood and suffering shall not fade after our passage. It’s up to you that the dead heroes should not be dad vainly. We offer you our nice premises located en face the Beaubourg center in downtown Paris. Our Administrative infrastructure will be at your hand to organize diners with personalities, theater out goings, debates with politic personalities, scientific, literary, and artistic events and meetings that will allow to better know each others… A quarterly bulletin that we shall redact together would be a supplement link between us.We need you!

Ilex Beller President of the U.E.V.A.C.J.

the U.E.V.A.C.J General Assembly minutes extracts on November 13th 1988

President Beller opens the sitting and give lecture of the agenda:

Agenda’s point 2: Presence of the young people who should help us in our work . The U.F.A.C. worries as well about the future and congratulates the Union for having solved the problem. It also congratulates the Union for its interest for this beautiful youth decided to hold the relieving for the defense of the veteran’s rights and the perpetuation of their memory. President Beller passes on the speech to the younger people who represent the Children and Friends of the Jewish Veterans: - Jacques: We wish to associate the second generation of the children to the Union. The ranks of the founders are thinsown. It is time to switch from intentions to concrete. To deny nothing about our origins, to maintain the memory of those who sacrificed everything to their ideal, to maintain alive our attachment to the State of Israel. We are already 50 years old and our children are between 20 and 30, we raised them to keep our moral ideas. We trust deeply the generosity that moves the member of the Union, we want to be alike you and not to replace you. We want to bring you our support and we want you to understand us and to approve us. - Simon adds the respectful salute of the future association who wish to have close links between we and the Union.                            Agenda’s point 3: Ceremony in Bagneux in presence of the young people. They are the hope to continue the fight against racism and anti-Semitism and to perpetuate our work and for the peace between peoples. We want the next generation to testimony about our fight symbolized by the Union’s Memorial erected in Bagneux. The general Assembly congratulate the former committee for the help brought to the creation of the Association "Les Enfants et Amis des Anciens Combattants Juifs" that will help us in our action for the defense of our ideas and continue later our work in the interest of the whole Jewish community in France.

The resolution motion is adopted at unanimity.

The sitting is over.

Simon Grobman’s Speech to the Veterans

I have the great privilege to being chosen by my friends to transmit you the respectful salute from the “to be” Association des “Enfants et Amis des Anciens Combattants”. This bringing together was imperative more especially as all the members of our Association have common links with the Veterans. As an example in my own family, my father Grobman George volunteered in 1939, died in deportation; my cousin Grobman Maurice, engaged in the 2nd DB from general Leclerc, fell with honor on the battle fieldin the Vosges in 1944; my cousin Moldavan Adolphe engaged in the 1st French Army died in Italy, they all would have been of yours. My uncle, Grobman Simon was a partisan from the very first hour. My father in law Goldsztain Mayer Szulim volunteered, they were of yours. Long is the list and all our future members can tell you the ame examples. We are your children, what’s more natural than welcoming us among you; what’s more natural for us than joining the family that you represent. We wish to work with you for the defense of your interests, to participate to all administrative and manual tasks, to be present at your side for the commemorations ; to contribute to the social work and cultural tasks, and last to continue the magnificent work you have so far accomplished. We invite all your children and friends to come and join us. The first committee is composed of: Rosette Beniere, Fany François, Sarah Rosenberg, Émile Jaraud, Léon Rosinski, Jacques Sandlarz, Henri Stainber, François Szulman, Léon Zilberstein, Simon Grobman.

I thank you for your attention and for your welcome.