"Never will a volunteer recruit be expelled from France"Like a powder trail did the news of the iniquitous expelling measure taken against our comrade Gromb-Kœnig spread among the Jewish veterans and uplifted a strong emotion in every layer of the population. This very moving news seemed unbelievable. What? A volunteer recruit, who accepted the supreme sacrifice to defend his adoptive nation, a valorous fighter from a glorious regiment, prisoner of war who behaved as a patriot behind the barbed wires, a good father, is it possible that one simple straw of the pen could scratch a complete life at the service of France? Is it possible that such a man could be noticed to leave a country that he loves so much and for the independence of which he would be ready to offer again his life? Already two years ago under the pretext of “insufficient assimilation”, was his French citizenship, acquired by decree of august 1948, cancelled.  What reasons could motivate such an iniquitous measure? “Bad information collected”… We are in total arbitrary, and that’s why the measure that hit today Gromb reaches all of us, his veteran fellows. For, when we were fighting on the battlefields, having accepted the blood sacrifice, our superiors, and entire France considered us like Frenchmen, without even waiting the confirmation by decree, and our new fatherland wide opened its arms. Never did a government take such a measure against one combatant; never, even in the during the sad time of occupation… We alert the public opinion on the dangers who threat us, for when one category of citizens are infringed, then the very freedom is on stake… "Never will a volunteer recruit be expelled from France" declared M Schneitter, then Secretary of Public Health and Population to a delegation that came to lobby in favor of Gromb. Those words, the veterans and the whole nation , do continue to think and proclaim… Extract of Isi Blum’s article published in « Notre Volonté » N°5(30) September 1951.


Major Victory for all Veterans, Jacob Gromb remains French. At last, the immense victory that we just won in the Gromb case who, by decision of the « Conseil d’Etat » (similar to Supreme Court », recovers the French citizenship, goes past the very person of our comrade. We are happy  to see  him for ever among us, and we warmly congratulate him at this occasion; we esteem that the Conseil d’Etat’s decision is a precedent of considerable importance for all our comrade. It already  returned them the confidence, shaken during the Gromb case, that their citizenship, so dearly acquired, cannot be erased by a simple administrative decision.   Extract of J. Orfus’s article published in « Notre Volonté » N°1(32) January-February 1952

 Anew an injustice !

He, twice volunteer recruited, She partisan in the Resistance, owner of the War Cross, threaten to be expelled from France. 
We celebrate the victory of Gromb who recovers his citizen rights ; but then another injustice hits genuine combatants, volunteer recruits and partisans who offered themselves to France when the country was at war. It concerns M. and Mrs. Dyskin, French residents for twenty eight years. He, MD, engaged in 1939, attached to the 23rd IRFV. In 1944 he engaged again in the 1st French Army. On May 26th 1945 he was promoted by decree Lieutenant MD. His brother Nathan was gunned as an hostage on August 11th 1942 on the Mount Valérien. Mrs. Dyskin fought in the Resistance and got a citation with attribution of the  War Cross with Bronze Star, with the mention: “ Courageous woman and great heart, well deserved from France”, and this noble family of combatants is noticed to leave the country for which it fought. The expelling motive is classical:”Bad information collected”. The Jewish Veterans are indignant at this arbitrary and express their protests for that flagrant injustice. We request that the Dyskin family which well


Article published in « Notre Volonté » N°1(32) January-February 1952