Publishing of the 10th anniversary book of the Association

I express to you my warmest congratulations for the beautiful initiative of your organization to publish a book at the occasion of its 10th  anniversary. This work will remain a elevate testimonial, for the future generations, of the sacrifice agreed for their adoptive country , by the foreign Jews in the years 1939-45, following the example o their elders from 1914-18.I wish you a great success in your fruitful action in favour of the victims of war. 

President of the Jewish Volunteer Veterans 1914-1918

     It’s from a very ancient comrade with a particular emotion, that I learned the noble project conceived by the “Union des Engagés Volontaires et Anciens Combattants Juifs 1939 –1945”. Indeed, no more than yours, did my generation forget, or will forget those, who fell among us. But the pathetic pictures that you announce will bring us, magnified by the martyr, this same love, for Israel as well as for France, that inspired in the past, our sacrifices and our hopes.

Edmond FLEG    Poet