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September 1939

At the announcement of war declaration recruitment centres were literally submerged with those who had found welcome and hospitality in France

    Arrival at the Barcarès quarters                      By compact groups the new recruits
                                                                                   are manoeuvring in Barcarès

Party of volunteers from the march regiment in Barcarès
The Battlefields


On the battlefields in France, Germany
and Italy in years 1939-40 and 1944-45, the Jewish volunteers fought side by side with their French fellow-soldiers

Illustration by Zendel

French POW                                                               Arrival of POW in the German “stalags”

Entering the camp

Nathan Nejman, prisoner at Stalag 1V B, wearing the yellow star in total contradiction with
the instructions of the Geneva Convention on the POW. After protests from French officers, this infamous measure will be suspended. In this case Nathan Nejman case was exceptional.

In Africa, on the Sahara railways construction stand.

Also see the page “En Afrique du Nord” (link to the site “in North Africa”)

The Jewish volunteers are sent by the Vichy government to “forced work camps”

                  Camp PG VII                                     Stalag VII A Mosburg in Oberbayenessen

And meanwhile: the newspapers announce the first confinements of Jews in the Pithiviers camp, first step on the way to the death camps, where most will not return from.

While Maurice Pardo                                                             Ostbaum Chaskiel,
was prisoner in Germany,
                                                    Freed in 1941 along with
his wife with their five children                                           some WW1 veterans,
were gazed in Auschwitz                                           he was deported with wife and                                                                                                   two children.                                                     

Group of prisoners in Stalag IV A near Dresden.
Lipman Sztajnberg (Stainber)
sitting right will be lucky and find his family after 5 year in captivity

To maintain theit moral the prisoners in Stalag IV A created entertainment shows.
Among them one can see Jean-Roger Caussimon.

After the war many were decorated

One of the many posthumous citations given foreign
Jewish partisans who died for France.

But many never came back

The execution of a partisan who refused to wear a eyes-band

This photo has also the title “ the smiling shot man”
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Many foreigners living in France before ww2, specially those who ran away fascism and tyranny from their own country, engaged into the French Resistance.
The chapter of the Red Poster reminds us the grandeur of their engagement and martyr.

*GRZYWACZ: Polish Jew                                      *ELEK: Hungarian Jew
*WAJSBROT: Polish Jew                                      *WITCHITZ: Polish Jew
*FINGERCWAJG: Polish Jew                                  *BOCZOV: Hungarian Jew
           *FONTANOT: Italian communist                                    *ALFONSO:Spaniard
                    *RAYMAN: Polish Jew                                       *MANOUCHIAN:Armenian

      The nazi occupant cynically informed the families of their parents shooting, who were massacred as partisans or hostages.
Here is the letter from the German administration of the Cherche-Midi prison announcing to Mrs Israël Bursztyn the death of her husband, shot at the “Mont Valérien”, with other hostages on December 15th 1941

Burial of a French POW in Germany           

          A Jewish volunteer from the 13th semi-brigade, buried in the military cemetery in a Norwegian town.

The monument in Narvik                  

Long lists gather the names of the names of heros and martyrs fallen in WW2, volunteers fighters and partisans dead in the honour battle fields.