The 22nd  R.M.V.E.

At the end of April1940 the regiment is in Alsace and reach the front on May 25th in the Somme.
The Germans operating a pincer movement, succeed to open a second breach from the North. The first military objective of the 22nd consists in the reconquest of the Villiers-Carbonel village. For their first engagement the volunteers of the RMVE accomplished a glorious feat. Not only did they reconquest the village but they holded it, pushing back day after day the german rushes during eight long days. So great was the achievement that the Colonel Villiers–Moraime, commanding the 22nd RMVE came himself to congratulate the fighters.The whole regiment received a citation at the Order of the Army. In the following days, while the french lines were broken through, the 22nd still holded on, obligeing the enemy to turn around it in order to keep the pace of it’s prgression. Completely surrounded and unable to operate any maneuvre to break the surrounding or to retreat, the volunteers of the 22nd left without new weapons and ammunition are forced to surrender on June 6th at marché-le-Pot.

Extract from “les Engagés Volontaires dans la seconde Guerre Mondiale” by David Douvette.

Published in : Notre Volonté N° 2 , Nouvelle série (192), October November 1989