The 11th R.E.I
The 11the R.E.I. (Foreign Infantry Regiment), integrated to the 6th Infantry Division, under General Touchon, participated end of May 1940 to the combats in la Meuse and Meurthe-et-Moselle where the Germans, from Sedan, have launched their Blitzkrieg; then it was sent to the Aisne front.
As conbative and brave as their comrades from the other foreign regiments, the volunteers from the 11th R.E.I. fight savagely with the poor means given to them, and they hold positions quite impossible to hold.The French armies that still resist there to the German squeeze, owe it, in a large part, to the foreign volunteer combattants.   The general  François will later testimony at the Riom court:« We'd just had relieved three divisions with our unique division. The 11th R.E.I. fighted from tree to tree.» So the 11th obtained its citation to the Army' Order.When the enemies cease the combats, the 11th  has lost more than a third of its soldiers. The survivors are sent in captivity in Germany.The foreign volunteers, and among them the Jews, have been probably the rare soldiers who to fight to the very end. For, more than any other, they knew what will the defeat mean for France, for them and their family. Let's underline here that while the nazi troops entered and paraded in Paris on June 14th; while Pétain taking over the government on June 17th, requested an armistice from the Germans, the fareign volunteers continued the fight till june 22nd.    

Article from David Douvette, published in Notre Volonté N°2 Nouvelle Série (192) October-November 1989.